"With professional technology, to the beauty before being hurt"
7,000 achievements per year!
バンテック株式会社愛知県尾張旭市It is a repair craftsman who repairs scratches, deterioration, etc. of the house based on.
Nine staff with knowledge, awareness and skills will be able to properly repair the scratches in your home.


To the beauty before being hurt by professional technology!
バンテック株式会社愛知県尾張旭市It is a craftsman who repairs scratches, deterioration, defects, etc. in the house.
Knowledge, consciousness, and technology will properly restore your aesthetics, such as scratches that have been involuntarily attached to your home, dents that you have given up, peeling off, etc. The interior and exterior of the building(Flooring, furniture, wood in general, aluminum building materials, etc.)If you have any problems such as scratches, dents, deterioration or stains, please feel free to contact us!




For instance...
Flooring, counters, door frames, furniture, wood building materials, aluminum building materials in general

Coverage area
愛知県The entire area,岐阜県各務原市Around

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us.
TEL 0561-55-7546
9:00~17:00 Except Sunday



Example of bathroom repair



Example of entrance repair



Example of flooring repair

WelcomeバンテックTo the home page of .
Representative's阪野(ばんの)My name is.
I started my current repair work when I first met a repair shop on the day I delivered a nail to the carpenter's site 15 years ago, and I was moved by the technology.
At first, it was very difficult to improve our technical capabilities. I met many people in the field, taught me how to do it, and practiced hard myself.

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